new year & more

this picture is of sweet cheeks and her two cousins at 10:30pm on new year's eve. they didn't make it to midnight but they did a great job of staying up and not being crabby!

last saturday we had a big slumber party at our house. we had my sister and 3 of sweet cheek's cousins spend the night. it was a lot of fun, a bit loud but still fun.

the kids being silly on the couch together-

sweet cheeks and her 3 cousins all smiling so pretty-

one of sweet cheek's cousins read to her that night. it was the sweetest thing to see-


it has been a little while since i have shared some "cute." check out these great paintings from galerie anais. they would be perfect for a nursery or toddler's room. the cost is great to boot, anywhere from $18 to $38.

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