tiny dancer in my hand

sweet cheeks had her second ballet class today. she is absolutely loving every minute of it. i love hearing about it as well. she has been practicing her flamingo jump ever since.

here she is with her cousin. adorable in their wine colored leotards.

i know i have mentioned that sweet cheeks is "oc" about her hair. i wish she wasn't because i really think she is so adorable with it up.

right after ballet, sweet cheeks and i headed out to my sister's house for my niece's birthday party. it was the longest ride ever getting out there. sweet cheeks was an absolute mess and cried the entire time. the girl was just so overly exhausted! in the heat of the major crying meltdowns, it is hard to remind yourself that she is just tired and to cut her some slack because it isn't her fault that she didn't get the opportunity to nap. in the moment, i do much better if i just listen to some music, sing along, and pretend that there isn't a 3 year old crying a river just behind me.

thankfully once she got to the party, she was much better. she just jumped right in to playing with the seven 7-year olds there.(guess those threats do work sometimes that i can easily turn the car around and go home if she doesn't stop crying once we get inside)

the theme of the party was cats, so my creative sister and i painted the girls faces.

sweet cheeks and cailyn-

cat's need snacks too! (can you see that phoebe is there as well?)


Sara said...

cute ballet pics! Where are they taking ballet? I am thinking of getting Catherine back into a class, but the one she took last summer was very pricey!

Bettina said...

How neat that SCC has so many cousins to play with. I wish Lucas had that.