mangia! it's pizza

tuesday is a great day for sweet cheeks. it is ball at school and it is pizza night. we go to the same pizza place every tuesday night. not only do they have great food, they also have a band (i use that term very loosely here) which consists of 1-3 people depending on the song. consistently singing with his guitar is an older guy that had a band in the 70's or something, and he always sings the same repertoire of songs. it really entertains sweet cheeks, so it is our regular tuesday night now.

sweet cheeks is a hit at this place too. they refer to her as "princess ____," and she loves every second of the attention. they even sing many songs to her. it is really a lot of fun.

(plus, it gets us out of doing dishes for the night.)

the husband and sweet cheeks-

putting the parm on her cheese slice-

putting the parm on my gyro & feta slice-

our friends that live close by eat with us occasionally. they have twin boys 5 months younger than sweet cheeks. she enjoys visiting with them.

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