pass the popcorn

so we had our first ever movie night at home on saturday night with sweet cheeks. it went over so much better than i had expected.

we had two kinds of popcorn: kettle & movie theatre.

we dimmed the lights.

we watched "horton hears a who." hilarious movie! i know we all laughed a lot.

sweet cheeks loved every minute of it. i think she was quieter, and more still, than she usually is in an actual movie theatre. plus, we never eat popcorn at home (choking hazard so we limit it) so i know she was enjoying that as well. she preferred the movie theatre style popcorn, while the husband and i devoured the bag of kettle popcorn. we watched the entire movie. it was so much fun. i know we will be making this a routine event in our household. maybe next time we can incorporate some candy too!


speaking of watching tv (you must all think sweet cheeks watches way too much tv by the way i blog about it, but honestly, she doesn't. we do lots of playtime, crafts, and games at home with her)- sweet cheeks watched her first ever episode of 'the brady bunch' on sunday. she liked it. i think she liked "the girls" best. that was the way she kept referring to marcia, jan, and cindy. it was the episode that marcia got her braces on. so funny to watch, especially when you pay attention to the clothes, accessories, and home decor!

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