if you think round is funny

i never get tired of seeing sweet cheeks ready for ballet with her leotard on and her hair in a bun. she is the cutest thing EVER!

love how she always tilts her head for pictures.

we took sweet cheeks to one of the greatest places on earth on saturday morning. krispy kreme. she loves seeing the donuts being made. seriously, there is nothing better than hot off the line krispy kreme donuts. they were delicious. i had to stop myself at 2. sweet cheeks was able to put back a donut and a half. impressive!

ahhh... so good-

sweet cheeks and her daddy gazing at the miracle of donuts. those round, tasty pieces of heaven-

sweet cheeks and her chocolate frosted glazed donut w/ oj. it doesn't get any better than that. she indulged me for a split second wearing the hat, rather than the tiara.

sweet cheeks dropped her mint on the floor yesterday. she was so excited to eat it, that i just knew the tears were about to come. she quickly and tear-free said, 'that is ok. i will have grandpa come down and give me another one." you heard it grandpa! you and the candy bag are needed now!

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Davis said...

Doughnuts! That looks like so much fun we are now inspired to go next weekend.