just a trim

sweet cheeks, sadly, has my hair. it isn't quite straight, but it isn't quite curly. i would say it is more of an uneven wave. her wave is even more prominent in the back than it is in the front, which tends to be more straight than anything. all of these factors make for some messy hair. sweet cheeks is quite particular about her hair, and the future of it. no surprise there. she has an opinion about everything, and shares it freely. she always requests we leave it long and down. though if you ask the husband and i, we both prefer she wear it up. it shows off her beautiful face this way.

so i convinced sweet cheeks to let me take her in for a trim, not a hair cut. she hasn't had one since july of '07. i was hopeful even the small change would bring about some positive improvements. i had asked the stylist to even her hair out, the back to the length of the front. in the end, the difference was minimal. i asked the stylist again if the amount she took off would be enough, and she assured me the inch would make a difference.

i do not think it did, but hopefully since the experience was such a good one for sweet cheeks, she will not mind going again soon. real soon! i would love to get it in a little bob but not sure that she would ever allow that to happen.

before shots:


and the finished looked:

the girl is still beautiful as can be!

the stylist put a little braid in sweet cheek's hair, followed up by 2 million sparkles. she has had about 3 showers since and so far, the glitter is still all over her scalp. any suggestions on how to get rid of it?


aka Molly said...

I'm glad she had a good experience since every girl needs a trusted salon!

Susan said...

Trust me, never get those princess sparkles again. Rebecca got them two years ago and it took over a month or so to get them out. Still love that haircut place, though.