the performance of her lifetime

sweet cheeks performs her concerts for the husband and i daily. every concert is different. every concert is filled with sweet cheek's heart & soul. she takes it so seriously. the girl is so entertaining.

saturday her concert took place in her bedroom on her bed. i had to take some shots. her moves keep getting better and better.


the husband and sweet cheeks reading at bedtime last night. i love how she is snuggling with him in a ball.


where were these cute puke bags 4 years ago when i needed them for my agonizing 16 weeks of morning sickness? morning sickness happened anywhere, any time of the day! it would have been nice to have been a little prepared with these stylish puke-catching bags for the random, spur of the moment hurls! you can find them here.


Sara said...

these morning sickness bags are hilarious! Looks like sweet cheeks is quite the performer!!

Bettina said...

SCC looks like to have so much personality. I'm sure she cracks you up several times daily :-)