the girl's gloss

i have mentioned it here before that sweet cheeks has an obsession with lip gloss. i finally decide to snap a picture of the interior of her purse just so you can get a glimpse of the craziness (i counted and she had 12 lip glosses inside)

i bought sweet cheeks this outfit from the gap over the weekend. wasn't sure she would wear it for obvious reasons, it doesn't sparkle. i picked it out for her to wear today, waiting for the ever quick response, "no." amazingly, she actually agreed and wore it. here is the picture to prove that she can have non-sparkly, non-hannah days.

here is a crafty project that i did and thought to share. i took some used fabric from work that was going to be tossed and hung it to display inside these rings purchased from a craft store. i think they turned out pretty cute, so i hung them in sweet cheeks playroom.


Carly said...

Holy Smokes...that's a lot of lip gloss.

Bettina said...

Good job on being crafty :-) I think they turned out very cute. I bet they look awesome in SCC's playroom.

aka Molly said...

Love the wall art!