the little seed

we all know by now that i love online window shopping for baby & kid things. not only do i love to browse, i also love sharing with you what i find.

not that long ago, i posted how i had purchased season 2 of punky brewster for sweet cheeks. she actually really enjoys watching it. now i want to share something that soleil moon frye is doing that is just as great, if not better than, punky brewster. it is her new eco-friendly shop called the little seed. they sell both in a retail store (in CA of course!) as well as online. after browsing, i really wanted to (a) have a baby & (b) be rich. the site has the most adorable things from clothes, to toys, to furniture, to gifts. i love the idea of eco-friendly, green things but i really notice a trend: green=expensive. why do all things that seem friendly for our babies and environment cost so much more?

either way, the site is definitely worth looking at. plus, the two shop owners blog. i love reading other mom blogs and this is a new one that i will add to my list. punky's daughters are absolutely adorable!

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