shear toddler behavior and some balloons

i am pretty sure that i have heard several of my friends say that their daughters had cut their own hair before. i really never thought that sweet cheeks would do it since yes, i admit, that i am that naive of a mother. i thought wrong. when i arrived at her school to pick her up yesterday, sweet cheek's teacher said, "sweet cheeks, tell mommy what you did today?". i pretty much knew by the teachers tone that she had done something she was not supposed to. i also could tell by sweet cheeks expression and lack of words that she knew she had done something wrong. she had cut her own hair and her friend had cut it too. thankfully they both cut a few pieces on top of sweet cheek's head, so it pretty much looks like a bad layer job. i can't help but think sweet cheeks friend cut sweet cheek's hair first, then she just copied. that is the ignorant mother in me not wanting to admit she would do anything wrong. lame i know but i will be the first to admit it that is how i think sometimes. i asked her if she wanted me to take her for a haircut but she quickly replied "no." hopefully she won't do it again because next time could easily be a lot worse.


so saturday night sweetcheeks, the husband, and i all participated in the light the night walk to benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. this was the 4th walk i have done in memory of my girlfriend, courtney, who passed away from leukemia at the very young age of 25. this february will be 8 years since she has passed and i can't believe it has been that long. she was an amazing person capable of making anyone laugh hysterically. she is missed so much by all of her friends that she had to leave behind.

on the way down to the walk we stopped to eat some good, greasy food at the varsity. once at the walk, they had so much for the kids to do. sweet cheeks had a blast eating, jumping, playing, and getting tattoos on her face! she did a great job sitting in her stroller as well for the 2 mile walk (thanks to a lollipop and some chexmix). it really was an amazing time and the weather couldn't have been any more beautiful.

sweet cheeks in line to order herself a naked dog!

sweet cheeks, her daddy, and phoebe-

she is really just too cute! i love her hair in pigtails.

just the two of us-

she was completely obsessed with watching all of the balloons that people accidentally let go of. every time she would see another one in the sky, she would loudly call it out to every one's attention-

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aka Molly said...

Elizabeth and sweet cheeks could be related!! You might want to put the scissors in your house away for awhile since for a couple years, Elizabeth seemed to cut her hair about every 6 months (just when I'd let me guard down). She also dumped a bottle of nail polish on the bathroom floor and we only discovered it after the smelled had drifted through the house and we went to investigate. Poor girl, incidents always seem to follow her!