off to work i go

so sweet cheeks and her daddy had another saturday morning out on the seas. and as it would turn out, their yard sailing trips are a lot more successful when i am not with them. who would have thought that i would bring bad junk karma to the table. i guess my sour attitude gets them no where. i enjoyed my morning home on the couch catching up on "private practice." in all honesty, i am glad that they have this one on one time together. i think it is great for both of them.

so what kind of great things did the two of them find this time you might ask? well they got sweet cheeks a new desk! i was actually excited about this one. i recently did some searches online for a desk for her but found nothing cheaper than $100 for a wooden one. the husband got this one for sweet cheeks for a whopping $3. now i just need to find her a cute wooden chair to match. i love seeing sweet cheeks play with her new desk. when she sits at it, she is actually "at work" while i am "at school." role reversal play is the greatest thing to watch!

ok, so maybe i am not always bad luck. you can see in the picture below a few weeks ago when i did go out with them, we got a wood backyard patio set for $60, which included 4 pillows and an umbrella stand. we were all so excited about it since we have never had one. so far, i think we have had about 5 or so meals outside on it.

you have to look very closely in the upper left side of this picture to see it though. of course, this picture of sweet cheeks is quite cute as well.

and the answer is YES, if you were asking yourself is sweet cheeks always wears a tiara!

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Sara said...

what a great find!!