pretty as a princess

i have spoke often about sweet cheeks and her love for dressing up. she was in total heaven sunday when she got to dress up for her halloween/fall festival at school. in fact, she even did her own dress rehearsal prior to her nap and the party itself. i have to say, she was the absolute epitome of a princess. she was feeling proud and that attitude definitely showed through in her pictures-

here she is coming down the stairs to show her daddy just how beautiful she looked-

what a pose! she loved wearing the dress, earrings, necklace, tiara, sparkly shoes, and glitter on her cheeks.

at her little school festival, they had a train, pony rides, and two bouncy houses. we enjoyed our train ride together.

needless to say, every princess has their breaking point. she was so tired by the end of the afternoon. i am pretty sure i only agitated the situation by taking a picture of her crying. bad mommy.

this was sweet cheeks and i before we left the house for her party. i love taking pictures with her, as i am so proud of her, but am always sadly disappointed when i see my wrinkles only getting worse. who knew 32 would be the age for botox!


i absolutely adore this picture of sweet cheeks in her cute halloweeny outfit. she is a skinny minny and the black only accentuates that. tiny and cute with such an amazing smile.


i like sharing new songs that i am into. (new songs to me) here is a great song being performed by the corrs, featuring bono. my father in law might like it as he is the one who introduced me to the corrs a few years back. i know this song is a ryan adams song. i really like his music as well-


aka Molly said...

OMG! You are such a hottie!!! You just get more beautiful as time goes by!

Bettina said...

Great pictures! SCC is so cute in her costume. I love that song too!