i'm an indian outlaw

well i am not really an indian, or an outlaw for that matter, but i am a fan of tim mcgraw (indian outlaw is a song of his) and country music. sweet cheeks has borrowed a cd from her cousin. it is taylor swift and she absolutely loves it. i am thankful for the break from miley cyrus. it is cute to see sweet cheeks rock out and sing to country music. not that taylor swift is way country, as they do play her on pop stations too.

we moved to georgia from new jersey when i was 11. i vowed at that age that i would never like country music. i was too wrapped up in amazing artists who would be around forever like debby gibson, richard marx, terence trent darby, and the bangles. i didn't listen to country the entire time i lived in the country. what a rebel i was. it wasn't until i moved to atlanta that i started listening to it. i think i first liked dwight yoakam, faith hill, and the dixie chicks. now, i still really like country music, not so much the dixie chicks anymore. though i listen to a lot of other music as well, like coldplay, snow patrol, and incubus. i am a fan of country singers like tim mcgraw, rascal flatts, carrie underwood, and of course, wynona judd.

i have heard many times about crossover artists. artists who are originally pop and cross over to the country music world, and vice-versa(ie- jessica simpson- poor her- stinks in both realms) well i recently heard another new one that i guess you could call a crossover since he started out pop-like when he was in a band. now he has ditched the band and you'll find him singing country.

i don't like it though.

sorry darius rucker who will always be known to me, and many others, by the name hootie! go back to the blowfish since your music was much better then. i really loved "let her cry" and "only wanna be with you."

what do you think of his new work:

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