you're my blue sky, you're my sunny day

sweet cheeks has been sick with a cough, congestion, and fever. i took her to the pediatrician yesterday to find out that she has a sinus infection. she is now on amoxicillin, zyrtec, and albuterol.hopefully she will feel better soon. during the day, she acts fine with the exception of the constant outpouring from her nose. it is at night that she is at her worst. poor baby!

today the husband and i took sweet cheeks back for her follow up appt on her stye & cyst to the pediatric opthamologist. the bad news is that she does still have them both. the good news is the size has reduced, so we will wait on the hopes that no surgery will be necessary. our next follow up isn't until january. i am glad of that because no parent wants their child to have to go through surgery. although, i do wish there was something else we could do for her eye, as i can tell it sometimes irritates her. she asks, "when will my stye go away?" she is a trooper though. keep the prayers coming! the other good news is that this eye doctor does not seen any signs in sweet cheek's eyes of her being a carrier for the ocular albinism. i am so happy about that for her.

here is my sunshine after her appt this morning!