sparkle, not blake

i took sweet cheeks to the mall the other day with the intentions of hitting stride rite. they normally carry a few of the morgan & milo shoes, so i was going to see if they had the blake boot. they didn't have it, and it didn't matter anyway because once sweet cheeks saw these shoes, there was no going back!

we tried them on and they fit her foot, as well as her personality, to a T. sweet cheeks looks so freakin cute in them and has gotten so many compliments on her sparkly mary jane sneakers.

here are her feet with her snow white socks & sparkly shoes-

i seriously have no idea where she comes up with these poses sometimes. it cracks me up. this was her "fancy" outfit that she put on just yesterday as soon as she got home from school. she is definitely loving her dress up section of her bedroom, mirror & all.

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Bettina said...

LOL, love the pose!