Pumpkin Patchin'

i totally forgot to share pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch. sweet cheeks and i visited a pumpkin patch two weekends ago with her nana, pop, aunt, and cousin. it was actually quite a bit of fun. my experience in the past with pumpkin patches is that there really isn't much to do, other than take like 100 pictures of your child either sitting with, standing with, or holding an orange pumpkin! this patch actually had quite a bit of things for the kids to do: hay ride, cow train ride, corn maze, john deere tricycle track, swings, slides, pig races(yes, you read that correctly), and a cornbox (much like a sandbox only with corn). the girls absolutely had a blast.

(the shots are mostly witness protection approved photos of sweet cheeks since this trip took place the day after our light the night walk, and she still has the face tattoos on. so i posted pics that you couldn't see them too well. the one on the train, i did my best to photoshop it out!)

action shot of sweet cheeks coming down the tube slide-

riding on the john deere trike. she was quite fast-

the cow train- sweet cheeks, her cousin, nana, and aunt-

a tractor just her size-

i love this shot of sweet cheeks and her cousin running to see all of the animals on the farm.


did you guys know that the store american eagle now has a kids shop? i just recently saw this. the line is called 77 kids and they begin at size 2.

i thought they had a few cute things but the prices were a little high for garments that were kind of simple, plus they have a mature look about them. almost a bit too grown up for the toddler size. i think it seems perfect for kids about 6 and up though. let me know what you think.

i thought these few items were cute though:

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Sara said...

what a fun pumpkin patch trip!!