slumber party

since sweet cheeks is an only child, i consider us very lucky that she has so many cousins close by that she can spend so much time with. recently her little cousin, who is just 9 months younger, spent the night with us. the girls had a ball. and quite honestly, it is such a break for me. when her cousin is over, sweet cheeks has no desire to play with me! she absolutely adored the company. the girls played dress up, played with her doll house, and just all around had a good time. i did interact with them long enough for us to do a small craft. we made beautiful butterflies out of froot loops. i am sure they enjoyed snacking on the fruit loops more than making the craft but it was fun.

here are the girls after we had gone out for lunch in celebration of sweet cheek's uncle's new job-

having fun decorating their mr potato heads-

i tried to get them to sit together in the morning before we left for school. i could barely get them to smile at the same time-

of course sweet cheeks wanted to pose for the photo with phoebe-

sweet cheeks stye (seen in the above photo on her left eye) is looking much better. unfortunately, so far the cyst below it isn't improving. the eye doctor told us not to get discouraged though as it could take a few weeks. we go back to the eye doctor for a follow up on the 28th of this month. if no improvement, they will have to surgically remove it. i pray (say your prayers too!) that it doesn't come to that.


i came across an advertisement for personalized stickers from a company called stuck on you while flipping through an international magazine called bambini. luckily the company has a US site. i think these could be quite handy, especially for items that sweet cheeks takes to school like phoebe, blankets, or funtainers.


Bettina said...

I think I have missed something re: SCC's eye. I keeping my fingers crossed that it goes away on it's own. ((HUGS)) too SCC and you! The girls looks so cute together.

aka Molly said...

Once again, adorable pics. Keep us informed about her eye!