bus driver- move that bus!

sweet cheeks, the husband, and i live in a great suburb of atlanta. our home was built in '76. to afford our wonderful area, we opted to do go with the cheapest house in our subdivision. it works for us. however, our kitchen does not. long term plans are to gut the entire kitchen, knock out one wall to open the kitchen up to the living room, and add another wall to separate the kitchen from the play room. again, all of which is a goal that we hope to achieve in about 2 years or so.

so the husband painted our kitchen a great new color and put up a black splash. those changes, plus a few decor additions, i think made for a much needed polished update to our very outdated kitchen.

kitchen before-

kitchen after- what do you think?

i had a girl named erin, found her on etsy, make the kitchen words for me.

new rug from target, which i love for the color-

closer look at the back splash-

a new curtain-


Sara said...

Wow- the kitchen looks great!! I'm sure you're loving it!!

Carly said...

The kitchen looks amazing! I love the colours and the lettering too. Good job!