nutterbutter snack

i picked sweet cheeks up yesterday from school. and as part of our daily pick up routine, i had a snack for her. she had asked me to bring fig newtons, but the newtons from the little store in my building were past their expiration date so i opted to get her some nutterbutters. she quickly opened them, took one out for herself, and then offered one to me (yes, i took it!). once the first one was gone, she ripped open the package for another. just as she ripped it open, one cookie landed on the floor.
i said to her, 'that is ok, you still have that one in your hand to eat." all the while thinking to myself that i was so glad we were never part of the 5 second rule in our family. with two dogs, you can't have that rule. the dog hair makes it too risky.
next thing i know she says, "here ya go" and gave me half of her cookie, without even being prompted. my gosh.. she seriously is the sweetest, most thoughtful kid ever.
the next thing she says is, "can you get me that other cookie OFF THE FLOOR. i will just blow it off."
what! where did she learn that? now i am on the hunt to find out which family member taught her that one! i did ask her but she pleaded the 5th.

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