we had ourselves a merry little christmas

i knew it would happen. the holiday came and went so quickly. i am sad it is over. sweet cheeks keeps asking when santa or the elf are coming back. hard to explain how that works.

so here are just a few photos of the great events that took place over the last few days of the christmas holiday.

the husband brought home some reindeer food for sweet cheeks to spread out on christmas eve night. it sparkled under the light of the moon and made it easy for the reindeer to find our house. she loved doing it-

sweet cheeks in her christmas pjs. we were doing our 4th annual reading of 'twas the night before christmas,' as well as 'merry christmas little critter.' she loves the critter books by mercer mayer.

she actually went to sleep so easily on christmas eve night since she knew the big man wouldn't arrive till she was sound asleep. it was cute because she kept warning our dog not to bark at the reindeer or the sound of the jingling bells.

i will be honest when i say at 7:30am christmas morning, i finally woke sweet cheeks up. i thought for sure she would have woke up bright and early that morning, say around 5ish, ready to open presents. that didn't happen and the anticipation was killing me, so i whispered "ho ho ho" and she sprang out of bed so quickly saying, "santa came, lets go see what he brought."

she loved everything santa left for her, including her snap girls, pram stroller, cinderella, hannah montana doll, stickers, princess purse, nightgown, tees, and dress up gown. it was so much fun watching her unwrap everything in less than 15 minutes!

christmas day we went and had breakfast with the husband's family. sweet cheeks and her cousin both arrived wearing their princess gowns. they were so cute together!

just thought this was a good shot-

the girls in their dresses-

we celebrated christmas yesterday with my family. sweet cheeks spent the day playing with all 6 of her cousins. i would find her every so often and ask her if she missed playing with me! she was too busy having fun to think about mom. it was a great day as well.


tonight sweet cheeks asked me if i would do a photo shoot of her. this girl is such a ham & absolutely loves being silly. here are two of the cute shots-

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