a busy weekend

we had a fun but busy weekend.

thursday- sweet cheek's grandpa, grandma, and 2 cousins(britney-15, kelley-14) came down for a visit. they stayed with us till saturday. she absolutely loved having the company. she talked, played, acted silly nonstop.

friday- was sweet cheeks holiday party at school. santa made a surprise appearance and gave all of the kids books. i, yet again, pointed out that it was santa's helper as santa and the elves were so busy back at the north pole making all of the presents. that evening, my sister came over with her two kids(ages 6 & 9), and my brother also came by. i so enjoyed being all together. later that evening, the husband and i headed out to finish up some christmas shopping. i knew my parents could handle sweet cheeks and her 3 cousins on their own. we finished the shopping, then headed to grab a quick beer & some chips n queso. it was a nice time for the two of us! i was able to drink a beer without being asked 20 questions from my 3 year old who thinks only daddy can have a beer.

saturday- my parents and nieces left, then sweet cheek's nana and papa took her christmas shopping. so the husband and i once again had a nice lunch out together. that evening we kept sweet cheek's cousin ellis(2 yo) for the night. she loved having company again.

it was a great weekend full of family. sweet cheeks had a few stingy moments, but overall she did a great job of entertaining everyone. sorry i was bad and have no pictures to share!


in keeping with the theme of cold, here are a few cute mitten hair clips from etsy-


i also found this table on etsy. it is creatively decorated with the floral & dot prints, and painted in beautiful pink tones. the reason i am sharing it is because i think it is non other than the ikea latt table i have shared before that sweet cheeks and i painted and covered with contact paper. so if you know how to paint, it is a cute way to add color to a table that comes so plain (and so cheap)-

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Pink & Green Mama said...

Love the table, It's amazing what cute paper and some paint can accomplish. We did a desk makeover for my 5 year old this fall with a desk from our neighbor's trash. Your daughter is A-Dorable. So glad you all had a great Christmas.