cuz it's a girls night it's alright without you

yes, i totally just used miley cyrus lyrics as my post title. i couldn't help it though, they just fit so perfectly!

so last wednesday night i was able to have dinner out with my sister and two friends. it was a great night out. thankfully sweet cheek's grandma was able to watch her and her cousin. we all had a wonderful night out. the dinner, according to me, wasn't that great but it didn't matter. i was there to visit, chat, and catch up. i think we sat at the restaurant for about 2 hours. we would have stayed a lot longer if we weren't getting the "get outta here" eyes from the wait staff. we were able to talk about ourselves, marriage, kids, old friends from high school, etc. all in all, we had a wonderful two hours together!

so happy together.... (me, nikki(mother of 3), angie(mother of 2), melissa(mother of 2)- my sister)

me and nikki- she has been my best friend since homeroom in the 8th grade. thank god our maiden names began with an "r" and an "s."

my sister and angie. in all honesty, angie was her friend first. they met in gym class i believe. but you know how it goes with sisters, if you are friends with one of us, you have to be friends with both of us. that is how it works for melissa and i anyway. angie was obviously ok with that deal as well since she has been our friend for about 17 years now. wow- we are getting old!

and the 3 of them.

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Sara said...

Cute pictures of your girls night!
Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!