a few examples

you all know that sweet cheeks is very much into picking out her own clothes. she definitely has a style of her own, and i try to let her run with it. most days, her outfits contain either a hannah montana shirt or what she refers to as a "fancy" dress. i do love that she is comfortable in what she picks out and wears everything with such pride. the girl is just too cute.

thought i would share a few of her latest outfits-

this has to be one of the most original but again, she wears it so well.

this is what she chose to wear on saturday, when her nana and pop took her to see santa at the mall. the dress is beautiful. little could you see, but sweet cheeks was wearing a purple hannah shirt under the dress! and yes, she did set those candy canes up like that in the background to be in the picture with her.

a little dress up time before dinner. she always arrives to dinner in style.

here she is in a pretty black/gray dress. she wore it to school last week. her teachers were all asking what the occasion was for such a fancy dress. of course, no
reason necessary with this one!


quick side note - please tell me if i am the only one already a sucker for all of the lifetime & family channel holiday movies. what is with me! i even watched one on friday night that had uncle joey from full house in it. so lame, but still i watched it. they get me every year with those movies!

click here for a link in case you want to join me-

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