thanksgiving day

we spent thanksgiving with my family this year. we usually take turns each year between the husbands family and my own for both thanksgiving and christmas. so this year turned out to be a lot of fun for sweet cheeks since 6 of her 7 cousins were there to play with. she had a blast. plus, i think she just really enjoyed visiting with my parents since she doesn't get to see them that often. we originally planned to leave on thursday evening but sweet cheeks begged and pleaded for one more night, so we left friday instead.

here is sweet cheeks in a tree with her cousins. i really wish that stick wasn't in the way! it is a cute picture.
i will label it after one of sweet cheeks favorite dr. seuss lines: "three fish in a tree, how can that be?"

sweet cheeks with her 6 cousins in the wagon. they all range in age from 15-3.

sweet cheeks little cousin loved pulling her around in this wagon, along with his brother-

a new favorite picture of mine of sweet cheeks-

me, the husband, and sweet cheeks-

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