a quickie post

saturday we took sweet cheeks and her cousin to have their picture taken together, as well as separate.

OMG! all of the pictures turned out so well.

sweet cheeks was a complete ham for the entire thing, smiling non-stop and listening to directions given. it was such success.

here are a few of the photos-

sweet cheeks and ellis-

love these! i could just eat her up-

probably my favorite. she was just so comfortable! she really enjoyed it.

adorable with her ponytails.


aka Molly said...

Adorable pictures! My fav is the black and white one.

Carly said...

Those pictures are adorable! I got your Christmas card today...that first picture just cracks me up! She looks so grown up.

Sara said...

great pics!!

Bettina said...

What great pictures. The outfit is adorable too.