a warm head

i do not think i posted this pic yet of sweet cheeks with santa. her nana and pop took her two weekends ago to see santa, while the husband and i attended his christmas party. i was told she ran right up to santa and requested many presents for herself, as well as pink sneakers for me. she is so thoughtful, right.

so here she is with the big man-

i actually told her that this was one of santa's helpers because quite frankly, i thought this santa was a little on the scary side! i do not want her visions in her head of jolly ole st nick to look like him. she was ok with that.


it is so cold in so many parts of the u.s. right now but thankfully not where we live. i still thought i would share some really adorable baby hats. a little shop on etsy called nini's.


Sara said...

i love these hats! And I agree with you on that santa! Where was he at?

aka Molly said...
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