these are just too cute

did you know sweet cheeks can count to 42 now? yes, she is quite the counter these days. i am 32 and i absolutely love that sweet cheeks says i am 22, because in those few split seconds before i correct her, i am in my own head young again. why do i have to be so honest with her and say, "no sweet cheeks, mommy is 32." not like she knows the difference, or really cares. it is just my way of bringing myself back to reality, that i am so in to my thirties. i am, as the show was called, thirty something. eek. please tell me when this all happened? you would think the wrinkles would have been enough of a reminder. oh how my thirties are already mocking me, daily!


i was playfully looking through my favorite website, etsy, and found some really cute items to share-

you just have to love that amy butler. her fabric rocks!

again.. too cute. i love the birdie's legs-

when sweet cheeks was little, i had a cute floral mobile from carter's. it was fine at the time, but if i had known such cute handmade mobiles existed, i definitely would have gotten something like this for her nursery-

the handstiched elephant is sweet and what great colors-

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Carly said...

You always find the most amazing and beautiful items. Will you be my personal shopper?